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2019“Panda the National Treasure" Silver Coin & Zero Euro Commemorative Banknote Gift Set

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40 mm
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Product Background

2019 Chinese Panda Silver Coin & 2019 Chinese Panda Zero Euro Banknote (Designer Signature Edition with Identical Serial Numbers)

Giant Panda as a Hot Topic Favored by the World

  Giant pandas have long been reckoned as China's "friendly ambassadors" and have developed rapports between China and foreign countries.

On June 24th, 2017, both giant pandas, Meng Meng and Jiaoqing, had arrived safe and sound in Germany! In addition to widespread media coverage and personal greetings by the ambassador and the mayor, these distinguished guests had also been welcomed in various occasions by federal police personnel and Berlin football team players.

As an ongoing hot topic to this day, this animal icon still remains popular among European nationals.

Since the European Central Bank has licensed the release of the world's first 0 euro commemorative banknote in 2015, the Panda coin designer was invited to design the blue print for Zero Euro banknote for the first time.

In order to commemorate the international friendship, the Panda 0 Euro came into being.  Also, to reflect love for pandas, as well as their importance, the designer of the 2019 Panda Coin, Ms. Tong Fang, was commissioned to design the 2019 Panda 0 Euro banknote.

 Having concurrently originated from a single origin of creation, both the coin and the banknote appear to be rarer than ever, which reflect the artistic quality and collectable value of this set. Overall it is not only a precious twin collection, but also a wonderful gift set to share with.

An international Business Card for China’s Precious Metal Currency

National Treasure” of People's Republic of China - the Panda Coin

Issued by the People's Bank of China, the official “Merchandise of the Year.”

With a long term issuance in history, the market recognition is considerably high.

Panda “being a hot topic, the circulation is scarce. If you buy it, you will earn it!

The World’s No.1 Bullion Coin! National Recognized Legal Currency, Infinite Possibility for Appreciation!

    Panda coin design is unique, the casting process is advanced, the selection of materials is rigorous and the pattern is exquisite, making the panda gold coins an eye-catching masterpiece for numismatic collectors.

     Since its inception in 1982, the Panda Gold Coin Series has won numerous awards in the country. It is also known as “the world's top five investment coins” alongside with the American Eagle Gold Coin, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coin, and South African Krugerrand Gold Coin.

Product Highlight

i. Both come with Identical Serial Numbers & the latest Edition of Panda-themed Designer Signature in one pack!

Ultimate Chinese Panda-- National Treasure Twin Gift Set was designed by the Panda gold coin designer-- Tong Fang.  This was the first time that Ms. Tong has designed both the Panda Coin and the Panda 0 Euro banknote at once. What has been even more fascinating was that each Panda Coin and Panda banknote numbers share the same serial numbers, and,  what is more-- each of her signature design set comes with a certificate and the Designer’s autograph, making it extraordinarily precious!

ii. In order to commemorate the diplomatic friendship centering around pandas, this issuance was made possible by Oberthur Fiduciaire of France after having commissioned by the European Central Bank.

1. Using same material that is consistent with Euro currency notes.

2. Follow the anti-counterfeiting regulations of euro currency notes

3. The innovative printing and coinage technology

4. Surpassing the anti-counterfeiting standard of Euro currency notes

iii. The 2019 Panda Coin is the “leading coin” of the New Decade Series

The 2019 edition of the Panda Gold and Silver Coins shows an image of a mother panda and her cub. From now on and within the upcoming decade, it is the pioneering work of the Panda Gold and Silver Coin Series that “narrates a Chinese folklore by applying the wisdom of China.”

The mother panda and the cub occupy two-thirds of the whole illustration, emphasizing a sense of maternal strength.

At the bottom, it also renders a stable atmosphere, in which this babe panda securely nestled between its mother's arms.

In the background, the designer has utilized an artistic scheme to push the mountains and rivers into remote abyss, thereby strengthening this harmonic  “mother panda & her cub” image, and gradually creates a strong sense of depth along with the main scene.

iv.  Both the Panda Coin & the Panda Zero Euro Banknote all have been personally designed and masterly autographed by the gold coin designer—Ms. Tong Fang

 M.A. of Visual Communication, School of Fine Arts, Shanghai University

 Famous Designer, Shanghai Gold Coin Investment Co.

 Lead Designer, “The 80th Anniversary of the Victory of China Workers and Peasants Red Army Long March” Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins

 Designer, The Historical Chinese Dramatist (Tang Xianzu) Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins (8 grams of gold coins and 30 grams of silver coins)

 The Designer, the reverse of “China Gold Coin Corporation's 30th Anniversary” Bronze Medal

 Designer, the China Gold Coin Incorporation. Panda Gold Coin Issued 35th Anniversary Two-Color Copper Medal Designer

 Designer, the 35th Anniversary of the Issuance of Panda Gold Coins by the China Gold Coin Incorporation” Bimetal Commemorative Medal

 Designer, the 2019 Edition of Chinese Panda Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins

 One of the Lead Designers for “China’s 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening-up” Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins

v. The certificate of this gift set has been personally autographed by Tong-Fan, the designer

The autograph of this designer is a unique “identity card” for this collection, as its value will be naturally multiplied!

vi. In 2019, the panda coin designer, Ms. Tong Fang, personally designed this twin set, thus its artistic value more than doubled.

 For a sophisticated collector, what it matters not only is “WHAT” work of art to collect, but also “WHO” the Designer” to be collected from.

Tong Fang stands out among many artists, just like a rising star, and it has more appreciative value within its own potential!

 This is also the first time that Ms. Tong has won the bid as a very rare opportunity to design the latest Panda Coin Series.

vii. Brand New Innovative AR Technology Application to Interact with the Masterpiece Collection.

    The latest integration of Panda 0 Euro Banknote and all new AR technology will make the plane 0 Euro banknote more appealing, more engaging and more interactive; thus, more of our clients, especially those of our younger generation, children and teens in particular, can understand the panda culture through the interaction application of AR games, gaining insights into the currency culture of various countries around the world, thus helping them to cultivate a broader perspective while stepping into the global village from the right start.

viii. The Panda Silver Coin has hit the peak of market value once again, and the potential for this set to be appreciated is even greater!

In 2012, a 1983 Proof 10 Yuan Panda Silver Coin Sample coin was sold at a high price of 1725,000 Yuan in total, and its collectible value has been comparable to any of the top collectible item in history!

Designed and Autographed by the Master Designer, a Popular Classic!

Destined to Reach Infinite Appreciation in the future!

ix. The 0 euros will be reaching another peak, and the potential for this collection set’s appreciation value will be even greater!

 As a matter of fact, the value of Year of Dog Zero Euro Banknote issued in the year of dog, has already been elevated to reportedly more than 1,000 Yuan

Master autographed, masterly signed, classic hot topic, destined to reach the infinite potential of its own!

 x. Limited Edition, Precious & Rare, great collectible value!                       

The circulation of this set is 100,000 in total. Complete the whole collection all at once, for its collectible value on the rise!

xi. Casted in pure silver, its value preservation has more potentials in terms of its prospect for appreciation.

  Whether there is an inflation or currency depreciation, the value of a gift set like this will not be affected.

 Excellent function of safe-haven, the only guarantee for appreciation!

 Precious metals have a large appreciation potential, and in the next 10 years we will usher in a hard currency era for investment.








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40 mm
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